Confidentiality Policy


  • The personal information submitted by …………………………………. users who reside in ……………………………. on ("Website") shall not be used outside the goals and scope defined with the Privacy Policy and shall not be shared with third parties without permit. However, the users permit the use of this shared information for offering them exclusive advantages and for sales, marketing and all types of similar communication operations.
  • Personal information covers all types of personal information that directly or indirectly identifies the users such as name, surname, home address, mobile and home phone number and e-mail address, and referred shortly as "Confidential Information".
  • Virgin Mary Ephesus may use this personal information for profiling, statistical studies, advertisement, promotion, marketing and other communication operations within its body, and share them with the 3rd parties within the knowledge of users only for performing these operations.
  • Virgin Mary Ephesus commits to keep this personal information confidential, to assume the action of keeping them confidential as its responsibility, to take all kinds of precautions and show the required attention for ensuring and sustaining confidentiality, preventing the entry of this confidential information into to the public domain fully or partially or its unauthorized use or disclosure to third parties. In case that the confidential information are damaged or obtained by third parties as a result of attacks against the Website or the system despite all the required security precautions taken by Virgin Mary Ephesus, Virgin Mary Ephesus does not accept any responsibility.
  • Virgin Mary Ephesus may obtain information regarding the users and their use of the website using a technical communication file (cookie). However, the users may change their browser settings to prevent receiving any technical communication file or to be warned when any technical communication file was sent.
  • Users may always update their Membership/Personal Information and Contact Preferences by logging into the system. Moreover, you can send your request regarding this subject using the contact information provided in the Website. Your request will be reviewed and answered as soon as possible.
  • If you don’t want to receive any promotion or announcement e-mail from, please click the “Leave the Mailing List" link at the bottom of the e-mail. Each user accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy by visiting this Website.