Our Holy Father Pope says

Let's raise a special pray to our Lord for peace among communities from ephesus, which is blessed with the existence of the Virgin Mary, who is also loved and dignified by Muslims. At this point of Anatolia, which creates a natural bridge between the continents, on the Lands of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who are considered "holy" by Christians, Jews and Muslims, we are praying together for prosperity and peace. The faith of these Lands which are considered holy was to become a cradle for a community which would be fortunate for all nations!

Pope 16. Benedikt


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Izmir Ephesus Selçuk Holy Soil of the Virgin Mary!

You can devote this item to your family, friends, great loves and experiences. Our objective is to see the happiness when you give it as a gift to the people you love and care for on Christmas, Eastern and on all special days...


Izmir / Ephesus - Selçuk

Ephesus was one of the most important ports of Selçuk in the past. Today it is kind of a religious center. Ephesus Antique City / House of the Virgin Mary that was declared as a “Holy Pilgrimage Destination” by the Vatican in 1961 attracts huge number of local and foreign tourists.

House of the Virgin Mary

The House of the Virgin Mary that is named as “Panaya Kapulu” by the Christian community is estimated to have been built in third century A.D. Jesus Christ trusted his mother to his close friend and apostle St. Jean before being crucified. Apostle Jean thought it would not be safe for Mary to stay in Jerusalem and came to Ephesus together with Mary to take over the holy duty of spreading Christianity 4 or 6 years after Jesus ascended to the sky. St. Jean hid Mary from the town people in a house at Mountain Bülbül. Mary is believed to have spent the last days of her life in this House of the Virgin Mary declared as a holy spot by the Vatican.

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  • 250g Holly Soil of Selçuk, Ephesus, Izmir
    of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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  • 2x250g Holly Soil of Selçuk, Ephesus, Izmir
    of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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  • 3x250g Holly Soil of Selçuk, Ephesus, Izmir
    of the Blessed Virgin Mary